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About Us


dhAyati Yoga is a private studio with small classes.  This nice intimate setting allows for individual attention to each student. 


We have many beginner students and some advanced too!  Each student is allowed to work at their own pace to achieve their personal best.

Yoga is wonderful for all ages, Men & Women of ALL abilities.  We have students from 14 - 83 years of age.


You will learn proper asanas (poses), proper pranayama (breathing) and to be more mindful of your body and its abilities. Experience the feeling of serenity after your meditation!


Learn to be present, not focused on yesterday or tomorrow but this moment right now, for every moment.  


Yoga can counter the effects of aging by moving the body through a full range of poses that increase balance, strength & flexibility of each joint and muscle.


Meditation can lower blood pressure, cortisol (stress hormone), blood sugar and increase antibody prodution!

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