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Lea is a wonderful instructor.  I have arthritis in my hips & back and when I started over 2 years ago at the age of 55 I could not

touch my toes. Today I can go past my toes & have gained a lot of mobility and flexability!  She took the time to learn my personal situation very well & prepared routines for me, that have improved every aspect of my life.  I feel great! I am not a "gym" person but enjoy Lea's Yoga & my doctors/specialists are thrilled with my ongoing progress! At our family reunion my sisters were inquiring what I have been doing to look younger, taller, stronger & healthier and my husband says I look great too!

Dawn (57 years young)



I am 75 years old & have been taking priviate sessions with Lea for 2 1/2 years! I was never very active but the Yoga has been amazing. I have better balance, circulation (no more swollen ankles at night), better posture as I am actually able to reach higher than before!  I appreciate Lea's patience and sincere concern for her clients.

PAT (77 years young)


I never thought about doing Yoga as I thought it was just an easy workout that wouldnt push me...but once I started taking Lea's class I was being pushed but in the best safest way possible! Leas class is challenging, rewarding & relaxing all at the same time. Lea explains each pose, helps you hold it properly and makes sure you understand what you are suppose to feel.  Lea has made me love & appreciate Yoga...something I didnt think I would!  I am more calm, less stressed and genuinely more happy. :)

Amanda (28 years young)




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