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I think Reiki can be better understood by the famous quote:  "Energy can neither be created or destroyed, it transforms from one form to another"  Albert Einstein, theoretical physicist

Reiki is moving energy from the Universe & transferring it to the Reiki recipient through the Reiki practitioner.  This is positive, healing, loving energy that can heal, restore balance & let self healing in the body occur. 

Reiki is NOT a belief system, it is basically Albert Einsteins theory & regardless of your personal belief system anyone can connect with Reiki.

I am a certified Reiki Master teacher & Reiki has opened my eyes yet again, to another amazing form of healing. 

A Reiki session is approximately 50- 60 mins and it is performed with you fully clothed & laying down.  You close your eyes and more than likely, fall asleep while I gently place my hands on different positions on the body to draw in the Reiki energy. 

After the session my clients tell me they feel light, renewed, like their soul is brand new, they do not have a worry in the world and aches and pains are diminished and many times gone. 

Your body becomes depleted of energy & very out of balance due to stress, bad relationships, family quarrels, working long hours, loss of loved ones, divorce & envirnomental pollution. 

A Reiki practitioner restores lost energy, helps the body heal itself, creates balance and brings calm & happiness back into the body & soul. 

A Reiki session is $80

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